I am nijiirotamago (Tamami Kosaka).
I have created a mascot and miscellaneous goods in wool felt.

Wool is fluffy and warm, friendly material.
I myself, will be healed and is touching the wool.
Once you tell the appeal of such wool through the mascot, I thought that wish I can share.

“How to make correspondence course of wool felt mascot”
While making a cute mascot in wool felt, be nice if you could be healed in wool, is in the loose – rather than management. Thank your voucher up for those of more than 150 persons now.

11 years wool felt for the first time this year.
Will continue to deliver the mascot also like everyone feeling is warm now.


Wedding Dolls


Correspondence course/kit

● 2005 years
Including the goods production of wool felt, start selling on the net auction.

● 2008 year-end –
Consignment start (such as grocery stores and rental box)

● 2011 years
Ginza Mitsukoshi “healing panda Fair” exhibition (February)
Makuhari Messe “pounding” free market “handmade art market” opening
Ginza Mitsukoshi “Simply Zoo” exhibition (August)

● 2012 years
Shinjuku Isetan Girl exhibitors Isetan “Creema Jack Robinson ISETAN” (July)
Daimaru Umeda store Tokyu Hands Umeda PICK UP MARKET Exhibition (September)
Gallery KOMPIS “Attaka knit and felt Exhibition” exhibition (May 10)
Ginza modern art “2013 Calendar Exhibition” exhibition

● 2013 years
Communication with the original course offered
Exhibitors in the consignment from the Design Festa vol.37 Gallery KOMPIS’s booth (May)
Gallery KOMPIS “Amaoto, raindrop, polka dot Exhibition” (June)
Gallery KOMPIS “Dan … knit & amp; felt” (October – November)
Gallery KOMPIS “God Jul !! Jul Fest 2013” (May 12)

● 2014 years
Osaka Umeda Hankyu 10 Kaikita Street Ward Park “handmade Zoo Park” (August)
Activities mainly in order production and net sales and communication courses.

● 2015 years
Gallery KOMPIS “I had knit and felt Exhibition” exhibition (May 10)

● 2016 years
Gallery KOMPIS “knit and felt from autumn to winter” exhibition (November)


“Wool felt of cute little mascot”: Boutique, Inc.
“Made with wool felt Matryoshka mascot” Kawade Shobo Shinsha
“Of wool felt mascot COLLECTION vol.2” Kawade Shobo Shinsha
Childcare magazines Piccolo (Pikoro) “little bit Craft” 2012 10, 11, December issue
Childcare magazines Piccolo (Pikoro) “exhilarating handmade” 2014 December
“My Country” No.94 “healed to unwind Doll”

I Live in Chiba prefecture,Japan
3 pups mother of college students, elementary school student.
Favorite things → Coffee Chocolate Internet camera

last updated:2016/11/04